Turkey's Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence
Turkey's Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence

Turkey’s Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence

In this control research, all these questions are addressed under 10 titles.
In this control research, all these questions are addressed under 10 titles.

Recently, there are questions frequently raised by both eastern and western countries, many evaluation reports have been published and disturbing some countries.

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Turkey, the Turks are turning to the collapse of the geography of the Ottoman Empire 100 years later is enabled? Is the area from East Turkestan until Crimea is entering Turkey’s natural hinterland? Such questions are on the agenda in some countries today.

In this control research, all these questions are addressed under 10 titles.

Cultural Union of Turks

After Azerbaijan’s Karabakh war, Russian politics and media outlets close to the Kremlin frequently: “Turkey with Turkish Republics in Central Asia aims to establish Did the Turkish Union? Does Ankara want to unite Turkish communities under one union? ” He brought up his questions and began to be questioned.

Turkey's Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence
Turkey’s Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence

Recently, Russia’s Ambassador to Ankara, Aleksei V. Erkhov, told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, known to be close to the Kremlin: Is it good or bad for a student to study Turkish language and Turkish history? The exchange of cultural values between states seems very beneficial. But it is certainly bad if openly thoughts of chauvinism are disseminated subtly.

Turkey’s Turkish Union Target

They followed Russia’s foreign minister, Lavrov against a certain pre-prepared questions that were found in the following assessment: “Turkey does not have a target called the Turkish Union. I do not think that the countries of the former Soviet Union would definitely support such an ideal. I say this for the first time, French President Emanuele Macron and Armenia: “Turkey wants to establish the Turkish Empire moved to the South Caucasus” were found in their claims.

In this context, Armenia, Russia and even France to be further Turkey’s natural hinterland so why bother even the orientation of the Turkish Republic? Or why bother these countries from Central Asia to Turkey’s development assistance and cooperation to the Turkish Republic?

A Historical Reminder

After these developments, it is useful to remind you of a date. About 100 years ago Nuri Pasha and Enver Pasha had gone to the Southern Caucasus. They liberated the city of Baku, which has a regional strategic importance in the field of economy and energy, from the Bolshevik-Dashnak occupations. After the invasions were repulsed, the fate of the region was completely changed.

The fact that Baku city of Azerbaijan is on the Caspian Sea and is a gateway to the Central Asian Turkish States is a concrete indicator of the strategic importance of these moves. This causes the area under the influence of the Turkish Republic from today, all kinds of rich natural resources exploitation of forces does not want Turkey to be effective in the region.

That’s exactly these reasons, China does not want to see Turkey in the Shanghai association. However, despite this attitude of Russia abstained from China stance, Turkey is holding observer status in the Shanghai association. Turkey’s EU China and Russia show in Shanghai hypocritical attitude of the EU to show unity in the process of full membership.

Keypoint in the Region

Russia and Armenia are not even close, and even French President Macron ‘s even: “Turkey is the Turkish Union of deployments,” said the scope of the geography of where?

Turkey's Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence
Turkey’s Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence

The geography in which Turks live is a large and rich geography that is not limited to cultural activities. The Turkish world is at the center of the world with its transit routes and energy resources. It supports the strengthening of China and Russia, which forms the energy infrastructure of Europe.

These Turkic Republics are in a position to affect the world with their young population and potential. In addition, it has the potential to form the 3rd Block against the block divided as East and West.

Natural Boundaries of the Turkic World

South Azerbaijan, where there are over 40 million Turkish communities in the north of Iran, outside the current borders of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. And the size and importance of the natural borders of the Turkic world, extending to East Turkistan, where more than 30 million Turks live, can be seen.

Turkey's Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence
Turkey’s Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence

This is another case that connects the communities of the region where the intellectuals in the establishment of the Republic of Turkey made great sacrifices and those are cultural commitment to the present day.

How Effective Is Russia in the Region?

Although the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia still maintains its power over the Central Asian Republics. Russian politicians in the region and the intelligence activities that have been continuing since the Soviet Union, the Russian education system is increasing its influence in the region.

Especially after the second world war, the world was shared by the colonists. African lands fell to France, Middle East America, and Central Asia to Russia. This vicious circle has been going on for a long time and causes assimilation on the communities of the region.

Iran’s Frightening Dream

Turkey’s Central Asia Tehran government that adopts a nightmare for the formation of their ties with the Turkish government does not want to admit even the possibility of this situation.

One of the most up-to-date examples, it can be easily seen how excited the Turks living in Iran were the four-line Poem Araz that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recited in Baku Azatlik Square.

Turkey's Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence
Turkey’s Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence

On the other hand, it seems that Tehran has caused extreme reactions. Regime in Tehran as politically and culturally influential does not want Turkey in the region and is trying everything in his power to this point.

Indeed, the Tehran government of Turkey in the first days of the Karabakh war, meaning 3 dillendirdi repeatedly they do not want a power in the region. However, these persistent efforts of the Tehran administration came to nothing.

Though he is no evidence at this time, Turkey has put forward the lie placing of the Nusr militants. It posing lying on the work and activities in the region, Turkey has tried but failed to cast a shadow. As the source of his fear from Iran, Turkey, to return to the essence of the dense population in South Azerbaijan and Turkey are based on the fear of losing the hand of radical sectarian used as a tool.

Arastun Orujlu, who had served in the “counter-intelligence” unit of the Azerbaijani intelligence for a period, and the current head of the Center for Eastern and Western Studies, has sufficient knowledge of regional issues, says:

Turkey's Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence
Turkey’s Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence

The Turkish government is strong among Turkey’s very important. Today’s world has geopolitical realities and steps need to be taken taking into account. It is seen that these states (Turkic Republics) are squeezed between China and Russia. In the formation of the current geopolitical situation, China and Russia act jointly against the Western bloc on many issues.

Naturally, this caused Turkey to carry representative of the Turkish Republic and is effective on them, the reverse is falling with the Russian and Chinese interests. In this case, no matter how strong Turkey can not stand against the Russia-China-Iran trilateral same time.

In partnership with a very important country for Turkey. Theoretically, these partners continue to exist today. Britain, Turkey, Azerbaijan, in some cases, were seen openly supported. However, a very distant country from Great Britain but also in Turkey is already the most powerful forces outside Russia’s position in the region.

Turkey can create at this point, other international and regional powers Azerbaijan receives support through the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea based in the middle east corridor. With the corridor it will create here, its effect on the Turkic Republics may increase.

Despite Russia and China, the region may be a role-determining power. Especially recently announced that the introduction of these issues after the Karabakh war now seems clear that Turkey is against Iran’s influence on this region. The reason why Iran is against this corridor can be evaluated as the connection between Russia and its proximity to the Western bloc will be cut.

Turkey's Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence
Turkey’s Geographical Area and Natural Limits of Influence

Ability to make the current situation in cooperation with the Central Asian states, Turkey is more comprehensive. Regional cultural and historical ties between the countries are expanding the potential of Turkey is in a position to bring more effective than China and Russia.

If we call the conflict between Israel and Turkey, the parties and nobody wants to burn bridges in between. Such a game is not without risk. Turkey’s foreign policy strategy at this point, if the committee wisely and in a sustainable way, Turkey’s chances will grow more.

Another Force in the Region

In order to emphasize a situation that is not known much about the region; Iran, another country in the region that acts as well as Russia and France, Israel, Turkey can not be disturbed by the powerful in the region in connection with the Turkish Republics and Turkey.

On the other geographies Ankara and Tel-Aviv disagreements on some issues alive in the Karabakh war took place in the same camp with Turkey and Azerbaijan. When this issue was viewed in real-political perspective: rather than having a strong Israel of Russia and Iran favor of Turkey’s demonstrated to be effective power.

Active Power in Turkey’s Regions

Under this heading, the questions that should be emphasized are discussed. Turkey, Turkish society as a “Turkish Union” did organizing under the name? When we look rationally to developments in the field, when we considered the moves just mentioned on the region of force against Turkey, Turkey’s influence and power are limited.

Political on the region’s serious shortcomings in Turkey’s security and education. Obtaining the high tariffs against products leading to relatively from Turkey against Russia, Russian school and of the university as well as at a level that almost none of the Turkish educational institutions, Turkish ‘versus being more dominant Russian academic, political and bureaucratic elite of Russia in a more moderate and slant, strong position can be shown examples.

Uncontrolled Power

When the effective balance of power in the region said to be relatively limited impact of Turkey’s against other countries. Then why these warnings and disturbances from Iran, Russia and China?

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov ‘s “Turkey, the Turkish world of ideological unity around no goals, such as organizing” saying the region was called Does the community sees Turkey as a hope, or “uncontrolled” She gave a message to Turkey with growth potential?


Today, the world is shifting towards a new power axis and this geography is increasing more than ever before. Excitement and fear rise in parallel among societies.

Among the frequently asked questions: “Will the Turkish world return to its essence one day? Is that the Turkish community in the region with Turkey can provide a real sense of integration? ” questions are coming. However, it is too early to answer these questions, but a journey of thousands of kilometers that should not be forgotten despite all the minuses and pros starts with one step.

Researcher by ONUR HOKELEKLI